Corrosion, Pollution and Water Recycling


Riveer works with clients to address a number of important challenges, including water conservation, corrosion mitigation and pollution prevention. We believe in the importance of bringing you highly effective washing solutions that are environmentally compliant.

Oil, mud, grease, heavy metals, soaps and detergents and other chemicals and particulate matter are all substances that build up on industrial vehicles, aircraft, trucks and worksites. It is important to have a system in place that cleans equipment and disposes of wash water and debris properly to prevent these substances from becoming pollutants.

Riveer wash technology is specifically designed to prevent trackout and eliminate stormwater pollution. This equipment is compliant with federal and local environmental regulations, which are becoming increasingly stringent and detailed. Clean freshwater is a valuable and often scarce resource, and by treating, recycling and reusing wash water, Riveer systems help to conserve that precious supply.

Sand, saltwater, and dissolved particles can all have devastating corrosive effects on equipment, which is why Riveer has developed systems to eliminate these threats. Corrosion is a formative foe that creates severe monetary costs as well as safety risks. For example, the USAF alone spends $1.5 billion dollars annually on vehicles that are structurally compromised by corrosion.